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Our company has existed since 2013, operates in the laundry industry and deals with all its segments.

It is a large-scale laundry which processes several hundred tons of laundry per month. For such recipients, we have dedicated solutions consisting of central dosing systems, energy and water recovery systems.

For laundries from the middle segment, we also have dosing systems tailored to their size and needs.

We offer various types of solvents to laundries offering services for a direct customer, ranging from regular and highly stabilized tetrachlorethylene, through alternative solvents such as hydrocarbon or intense based on hydrocarbon, or Green Earth based on silicone.

We work closely with the German company SEITZ and, using their experience, we implement the most effective technologies, excellent chemical and water washing agents, and something that distinguishes us on the market. It is a unique Wet Clean system called AquaTouch. It allows you to clean 99% of items marked as dry cleaning in water. This is possible thanks to the perfect combination of specialized agents, precisely tailored programs, and Girbau devices developed in cooperation with specialists from Seitz specifically for the needs of the AquaTouch system.

All laundries, regardless of their size and assortment, can count on assistance in individual adjustment of solutions and our employee training system.

In cases where the laundry owner needs support in a dispute with a client, we offer the help of the best experts from Poland and Germany.

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