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For 15 years, we have been supporting people in achieving above-average results in business and personal life through training, coaching and mentoring. We conduct individual, group, on-the-job and technological training courses.

In 2012, when entering the HORECA sector, we expanded the scope of our offer. In the laundry industry, we provide the largest number of industry training. This is job and technology training. We organize seminars, closed group and individual training. Currently, we also use tools that enable remote training.

Based on our comprehensive experience, we want to continue to help our clients in supplementing their knowledge, acquiring new tools supporting the development of professional careers of owners and employees. Classes are conducted on the basis of current training programs and modern teaching methods. The duration of the training depends on the content of the training topic.

The high level of training is guaranteed by a selected team of reliable trainers, coaches, technologists, most of whom are the best experts in a given field in Poland and in the world. Our training offer is constantly modified along with the changing needs of enterprises. We are a company that is constantly developing and learning. Thanks to this, our clients can participate in training at the highest organizational and substantive level, based on current trends and legal status.

CRM Cleaning in numbers:

  • 15 years of experience of the CRM Cleaning management in organizing trainings, coaching, seminars and conferences.
  • 9 years of industry training activity
  • Over 800 companies have trusted us and have already used our services.
  • 20 different technologists, trainers, lecturer coaches cooperating with us.
  • A range of different training topics and more than 11,000 people benefiting from our training.


The Value System is a signpost showing us how to proceed in each case. It concerns both our company as a whole and individual people.
Responsibility – for a given word and commitments made.

  • Constant development – improving yourself and others.
  • Innovation – we are looking for new product and organizational solutions – we compare ourselves with our own possibilities and results.
  • Concern for the good of the client – proper diagnosis and effective satisfaction of your needs.
  • Honesty – we tell the truth and trust each other, which is the basis for satisfactory cooperation.
  • Responsibility – for a given word and commitments made.

Our ISO 9001 certificate

Seminar in Pułtusk – industry training

Conference of laundry owners in Kielce

Practical workshops

Trainings in Wrocław and Gdańsk – Theoretical and practical seminar

Training in Warsaw – in the form of 1-2 day seminars on industry topics


You choose a specific skill area that needs improvement, reinforcement, or change. From us you get immediate support in the field of currently emerging difficulties. Individual training is a guarantee of a flexible approach in terms of content and workshop.


We provide closed training at the headquarters of the company commissioning the project, in our headquarter or away. The program is created after a thorough analysis of training needs in order to maximize the achievement of specific business goals of our partners.


We organize open trainings in the heart of the cities. Groups are up to 16 people, because 80% of training is practical exercises. Join people who have decided to develop their competences with us.

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