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Wet Clean

TRITON® – WetClean by Seitz GmbH

Cleaning and caring for fabrics in water is nothing new. A novelty, however, is the possibility of extending this cleaning to textiles which, until now, were classically cleaned only in solvents

Triton is the name of the Wet Clean technology which makes such cleaning possible.

This technology is intended for laundries operating on fully programmable laundry machines with the possibility of connecting to them detergent dosing systems. Only the right tuning of washing parameters and the right choice of agents can provide us with:

  • Optimum material protection
  • Felting prevention
  • Protection of swelling fibers, natural fibers, especially wool and silk
  • Such a cleaning that facilitates finishing and gives the fabric a full and soft look
  • Effective dirt removal with short washing times and low mechanics
  • Biodegradable means
  • More safety and environmental protection

The Triton® Seitz GmbH system allows the cleaning of a wide variety of products (blankets, dresses, overalls, coats, etc.) from natural and synthetic fibers, also very sensitive materials such as silk, wool, etc.

It prevents damage to various trim inserts (which can be made of a variety of materials) and applications such as beads or sequins that may not be resistant to cleaning with solvents.

Process reliability thanks to dosing technology

Even the best products will not reach their full potential if not dosed properly and used at the right time. Especially in the case of wet cleaning, incorrect dosing can cause irreparable damage to the textiles.

Optimal dosing at the right moment saves energy, money and time.

The combination of the right products with a modern dosing system creates ideal conditions for ecological and economic operation, as modern dosing systems enable precise product delivery. This ensures the most effective and optimal use of funds.

Dosing technology that you can see with your own eyes

We offer comprehensive solutions for laundry, wet and dry cleaning.

We offer a wide range of dosing pumps for dosing our products and our technical department provides tailor-made dosing solutions for chemicals. Make an appointment with our sales representatives now!

Products for the WetClean system


Hydret 1 
Hydret 1
Pre-treatment agent

Stain remover for stains from paints, varnishes, glues, pens, grease, tar, nail polish, lipstick and similar substances.

Before removing stains, we recommend that you try a stain remover on an invisible piece of clothing!

Hydret 2
Hydret 2
Pre-treatment agent

Stain remover for preliminary removal of blood and protein stains. Stain remover for blood, protein, food debris, fish and meat sauces, milk, ice cream, cream, beer, chocolate, cocoa, sweat, pigment stains, urine and similar stains.

Before removing stains, we recommend that you try a stain remover on an invisible piece of clothing!

Hydret 3
Hydret 3
Pre-treatment agent

Stain remover for coffee, tea, wine, coke, fruit juice, fruit, liqueur, tobacco, grass, perfume, medicine and similar stains.

Before removing stains, we recommend that you try a stain remover on an invisible piece of clothing!

Viva care
Viva Care
Detergent for delicate clothes for WetClean

It is distinguished not only by its high dirt removal capacity, but also protects the textiles against felting and shrinkage. Due to the specific properties of this detergent, very good results are obtained at the lowest temperatures.

  • Active and passive fiber protection
  • Protection against tarnishing and shrinkage
  • Suitable for wet cleaning
  • Ideal for the care of sensitive outerwear

Viva soft
Viva Soft
Liquid softener for a soft feel and easy ironing

  • Pleasant, soft feel
  • Improved sliding properties during pressing
  • No hydrophobic effect
  • Pleasant fresh fragrance
  • For the final bath

Viva top Viva Top Finishing agent

Thanks to the use of Viva Top, the textile fibers will be protected in such a way that dirt and stains do not penetrate too deeply into the fibers. In the drying process, Viva Top protects safely against felting and facilitates ironing after drying.

  • Provides a smooth feel and volume
  • Optimal fiber protection prevents tarnishing and shrinkage
  • Reduced pressing effort
  • For the final bath




Maxx spray
Maxx Spray
Spray stain remover and preliminary cleaning agent

  • Economical and easy to use
  • Gentle on color and fiber
  • High efficiency in removing stains and dirt
  • Works in a cleaning machine and is suitable for all textiles
  • Suitable for traditional washing and wet cleaning
  • Compatible with SEITZ stain cleaners



Viva geniox
Viva Geniox


Viva acet

Viva Acet

Highly active oxygen bleach

  • Active in cold water, optimally at 30°C – 40°C
  • Reliable disinfection at 40°C in accordance with DIN EN 1276/1650
  • The product provides maximum protection of the fibers and is the optimal bleaching and disinfecting agent for sensitive textiles
  • Bactericidal and fungicidal in accordance with DIN EN 1276 and DIN EN 1650


A liquid acidifying agent based on citric acid

  • Optimum buffering of the pH value over a longer period
  • Safe operation
  • To be used for the final rinse



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