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Water washing

Water washing in Seitz GmbH technologies

We offer simple and effective solutions for industrial laundries as well as for customers who only additionally have a water washing service.

depending on the machines that our client has, we select the appropriate washing agents.

What our clients value most is the value-adding features. We not only sell products, but also offer substantive support in the form of training and consultations.

SEITZ products

Highly concentrated, effective and efficient

High efficiency, low energy consumption and negligible harm to the environment are the determinants of a modern water laundry. Thanks to our new product line Mega Power Powder and Viva Power Fluid, we make it possible to implement these determinants. Therefore, we consciously adopted the assumption that the products developed by us will be concentrates, devoid of any fillers. The advantages of this solution are visible to the naked eye: low dosage and savings in packaging and storage.





         Mega Power Powder


                Viva Power Fluid

Certified hygiene certificate – DGHM*, VAH*, RKI*

  Hygiene, freshness and pleasant touch are the determinants of clothes washed in Seitz products. DGHM, VAH and RKI certificates for SEITZ products guarantee a disinfecting and neutralizing effect against various types of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses (range A and B). Despite the strong action of the products, the natural pH of the fibers remains unchanged, thanks to which there are no skin irritations and allergies caused by the high pH of washing. By using SEITZ products and special washing programs, all requirements for modern and professional washing of clothes will be met.

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