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Leather garments

Professional products from Seitz GmbH for leather garments

Leather is a high-quality natural product that requires special, professional care.

We offer you a wide range of products that will help you carry out thorough care.




DryX Pre & Clean
DryX Pre & Clean

Cleaning agent for preliminary washing and strengthener for dry cleaning

DryX Pre & Clean is a universal cleaning agent for preliminary washing that can also be used as a cleaning enhancer in perchlorethylene and hydrocarbon solvents.
DryXPre & Clean, in addition to surfactants, contains a balanced proportion of emulsifiers and oiling ingredients.
DryX Pre & Clean is perfect for preliminary washing particularly stubborn stains, it dissolves wet and greasy stains well, such as wine, milk drinks, leftovers, beer, fruit juices and traces of sweat.
DryX Pre & Clean prevents the leather from turning gray, hardening or cracking.



DryX LickerDryX Licker

Softener and leather lube

DryX Licker contains natural and mineral oils that penetrate deep into the leather and do not stick to its surface.
DryX Licker deepens and evens out the leather color.
DryX Licker is universally applicable in perchlorethylene, hydrocarbon solvents and water.
DryX Licker is easily emulsified in water and is also used as a preliminary spray emulsion after lubrication.



WetX Wash
WetX Wash
A cleaning agent and a preliminary cleaning agent for leather garments 

WetX Wash can be used as a cleaning agent or as a preliminary cleaning agent, which, in addition to washing active substances, also contains portions of fatty liquids. Gentle but highly effective cleansing active ingredients remove stains and sticky dirt. Natural and synthetic oils refine the leather, even during washing. WetX Wash is also suitable for combinations of leather and textiles.

WetX FinishWetX Finish Leather finishing agent in the WetClean system

WetX Finish is a liquid lubricant containing natural and synthetic oils. The product gives the leather a pleasant softness, and additionally it refreshes and deepens the colors. WetX Finish can also be used for combinations of leather and fabric.

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