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Firefighter cleaning supplies

FireFIGHTER’s clothing requires special care to keep it usable as long as possible.

To avoid loss of color on the face material and reduce the brightness of the reflective stripes, only use detergents that have been specially tested for this area of application.


In addition to the optimal protection of the processed materials, attention should also be paid to the ability to dissolve application-specific soiling such as soot and chemicals.

For the equipment of protective clothing, we recommend a fluorocarbon resin finish that does not deteriorate the functionality of the reflective fabric. Thanks to this finish, the resistance to dirt, water and chemicals of the protective clothing is constantly renewed.

The protective clothing consists of the following materials: 

  • Aramid fabric
  • Climate membrane
  • Reflective fabric
  • Insulating lining
  • Fastened with Velcro

In addition, the breathability of the membrane technology used is maintained. Cleaning agents renew the aramid fibers used and their chemical composition is already designed to be flame retardant. This property is maintained regardless of the care treatment.

Agents intended for washing protective clothing:

Viva lana
Viva Lana
Liquid detergent for personal protective equipment

  • Disinfection according to §18 IfSG in the action area AB at 40°C
  • It can be used for washing outerwear, personal protective equipment and other special textiles
  • High effectiveness with optimal protection of the fabric
  • In combination with Viva Duox, it ensures safe disinfection of sensitive fabric even at low temperatures



Viva blue
Viva Blue
Liquid strengthener for removing synthetic oils and fats

  • Excellent removal of industrial fats and oils
  • Highly effective emulsifier
  • Regulating foam
  • Solvent-free


Chemprotect FC
Chemprotect FC
Emulsion for protective equipment resistant to water, oils and chemicals

  • Fluorocarbon resin emulsion
  • Suitable for all types of PPE made of synthetic and mixed fabrics
  • Ideal for re-impregnation of fire fighting clothing
  • It is used for the final rinse bath
  • Before re-impregnation, clothes should be thoroughly rinsed and alkali dusted off
  • Chemprotect FC is chlorine, APEO, EDTA and NTA free.


Viva duox
Viva Duox
Liquid disinfectant and bleach

  • Highly effective disinfectant and bleaching agent based on peracetic acid
  • Disinfection according to §18 IfSG, operating area AB with the Viva Duox process at 60°C and with the Viva Lana / Duox process at 40°C
  • High efficiency due to excess oxygen
  • Low dosing and low process costs



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