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Dry cleaning

Laundry detergents by Seitz GmbH – CRM Cleaning

CRM Cleaning offers a wide range of laundry chemicals from the reputable German brand Seitz GmbH. Among them, you will find all kinds of cleaning agents for prewashing, strengtheners, leather cleaners, stain remover for paints and final detail, as well as impregnations and spotting agents.

The best chemical cleaners

The offered products are characterized by extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness. They quickly and efficiently remove even the toughest dirt, leaving the fabrics spotlessly clean. Thanks to the CRM Cleaning offer, laundry chemicals are at your fingertips.

Products for professionals

Dry cleaners are specialized preparations that require caution when used. They should be used by qualified persons who follow all safety procedures and ensure that product residues do not get into the environment.

Environmentally safe cleaning agents

Remember that laundry chemicals can only be used in closed-circuit machines with a distillation function. The packaging of these products requires disposal.

Products dedicated to work with KWL (Hydrocarbon) and Intense®




An alternative, environmentally neutral, halogen-free solvent

Intense® has excellent cleaning properties, but is also suitable for delicate, high-quality textiles with decorative applications and can be used in all machines recommended by KWL. Intense® has excellent oil and water-based stain dissolving power, is chemically stable and easily distilled. The water solubility is very low, so the separation in the water separator works without problems.

intense® Refillintense® Refill  

An agent that replenishes the Intense solvent

The significantly improved performance compared to conventional hydrocarbon solvents makes Intense® a true alternative to perchlorethylene cleaning. The solvent does not contain carcinogenic substances and perfectly dissolves oil and water stains. It is chemically stable and easily distilled. As it is not considered a dangerous good, no special measures are required during transport and storage.





Solvex 1Solvex 1 Pre-stain removerStain remover for stains from paints, varnishes, glues, pens, grease, tar, nail polish, lipstick and similar stain substances

Solvex 2Solvex 2 Pre-stain remover

Pre-stain remover for blood and protein-based stains. / Stain remover for blood, protein, food debris, fish and meat sauces, milk, ice cream, cream, beer, chocolate, cocoa, sweat, pigment stains, urine and similar staining substances

Solvex 3Solvex 3 Pre-stain remover

Stain remover for coffee, tea, wine, cola, fruit juice, fruit, liqueur, tobacco, grass, perfume, medicine and similar stains.


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