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Equipment for your dry cleaners and water cleaners


you don’t have to look far. In CRM Cleaning you will find a wide range of high-quality machines that will ensure your laundry’s efficient operation and customer service.


Washer-extractors will improve the operation of any laundry. Thanks to them, hotels and gastronomy can work flawlessly. These machines can also improve the work of Spa salons that offer various types of specialized services. The washing machines we offer are fully programmable, which allows you to use the optimal solution tailored to your needs. The equipment is selected in such a way as to precisely balance the needs, possibilities and economy of work with efficiency and ergonomics.


We focus on them because they are very efficient and thanks to them we significantly shorten the drying time. The precise humidity control system makes it possible to dry even the most delicate fabrics. Thanks to the programmed rotational speeds of the drum, the speed can be adapted to each phase of the drying cycle.


In the CRM Cleaning offer you will find professional finishing equipment for wet and dry laundries. Thanks to them, you will provide your customers with a thoroughly washed and dried wardrobe that will meet their expectations.


The freestanding HS-6 series washer-extractors are the ideal solution for small and medium-sized laundries. Their versatility makes them perfect for hotel rooms, gastronomy, as well as specialist services for Spa salons. Unique design solutions are perfect for Wet Clean technology. Thanks to the innovative structure of the drum, they provide the best washing mechanics on the market, which greatly reduces costs for water, energy and chemicals.


These washing machines are fully programmable and also adapted to the dosing systems offered by producers of professional chemicals. The high spin speed of up to 1,000 rpm and the high G-factor allow for a significant reduction in drying time.


GIRBAU dryers of the ED series are characterized by excellent work efficiency. They use modern solutions, such as Humidity Control – a very precise humidity control system that allows drying of the most delicate fabrics. TRANSFLOW, on the other hand, is an excellent air circulation system that shortens the drying time, which allows you to save on energy consumption.

Girbau AND Transflow dryers

The system of doors with double glazing and cover will also contribute to energy savings. The door is wide, which facilitates loading and unloading the washing machine. The drum is made of AISI 304 acid-resistant stainless steel and is specially perforated, which protects delicate fabrics from damage.

In a tumble dryer, communication between the microprocessor, the inverter and the motor takes place in a way that ensures a longer service life of the machine. The rotational speeds of the drum are programmed for each phase of the drying cycle. Easy maintenance is also considered – the self-cleaning filter and fan do not require any special maintenance.


Finishing equipment, such as ironing tables, presses or mannequins, are essential for every professional laundry. Thanks to them, a perfectly washed and dried wardrobe will look perfect, which will satisfy our customers and will have a great impact on the development of our business.


We offer finishing equipment for both wet and dry cleaners. Our offer includes machines from Girbau, Veit and Alux. We guarantee professional machines also dedicated to Wet Clean systems.

The reliable humidity control system is accurate and ensures lower energy consumption by adjusting the cycle time.
The combination of axial and radial air flows that passes through the material using the full thermal energy.
The precise management and communication system between the inverter, motor and microprocessor keeps the entire assembly well-balanced, resulting in less vibration, less wear on parts and a much lower noise level.
The ability to program the spin speed depending on the type of clothing, set it manually or automatically.
Double glazing in the door and double insulation to increase efficiency and improve comfort in the workplace.
The embossed holes in the drum are devoid of sharp edges, which is important when processing, for example, LNU, and also increases the life expectancy of clothing.
New technology for better control. An easy-to-use, intuitive computer, specially designed for industrial laundry machines.
The perfect dryer for delicate fabrics and the most complex processes. It has a double temperature sensor at the inlet and outlet of the air stream. The versatility of the control allows the user to adjust the parameters of the drying cycle to wet cleaning processes.
The spin speed can reach over 350 G, while the washing machine is quiet and stable.
The unique structure of the drum thanks to which the water acts like a “waterfall” – increasing the washing power and reducing the spinning time.
The hot and cold water mixing system helps to precisely reach the required bath temperature.
Automatically calculates the amount of water and detergent needed to wash a specific load.
A double safety system checks that the door is closed and locked before washing starts.

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